What is the intention behind TingleSmith?

Krissy Tingle and Sue Smith worked as psychotherapists/counsellors and trainers for several years with a broad range of clients in varied settings. They came together and formed TingleSmith in response to their shared observations, experience and passion about the core elements which they have found to most serve wellbeing, growth and healing.  Their intention is to communicate these core elements to a wider audience and enable people to utilize these in a use-able way, by offering workshops and training as well as one to one therapy.

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What is TingleSmith founded on?

The core elements that Sue and Krissy work with derive from key aspects of many different modalities which they have found to be most beneficial on their own healing journeys, and when assisting others in theirs.

TingleSmith maintain that each of us has an essential nature – Innate Core/Soul/Self. If we lose contact with this, we can feel like we are lost, in conflict, there is a lack of purpose and meaning in life. This affects both our sense of well-being and our personal and professional relationships.

TingleSmith’s primary aim is to offer practices and enable resources that allow each of us to know and inhabit this essential nature. As we increasingly get to know and embody this, we expand our compassion towards ourselves and others.

From this more expansive compassionate place, we can turn towards the parts of ourselves (emotions, feelings, thoughts, sensations, behaviours) which we might struggle with and may have tried for years to deal with. Sometimes these parts can be the cause of conflict and great suffering in our relationships. We may feel hindered by these parts at times, resulting in limited choices and an inability to fulfil our potential.

Rather than pushing these parts aside there is a different way which will enable them to be helped and transformed, thus freeing us up to live with greater harmony and fulfilment.

Facilitating this process is the heart of their approach.

What informs their approach?

  • Honouring individual uniqueness.
  • Awareness of the connection between mind and body and attending to the individual as a whole.
  • Respecting the resourcefulness of how an individual has learnt to cope in the world.
  • Trusting an individual’s capacity to heal, given the right environment and resources.
  • Nurturing an individuals’ connection with themselves and others.

TingleSmith’s approach is about having all these values in mind whilst weaving together an alchemy of teachings, experience and wisdom from different models of psychotherapy and healing.

The models and theory they draw upon include; Internal Family Systems Therapy (IFS), Person Centred Counselling, Hakomi Mindfulness-Centred Somatic Psychotherapy, Mindfulness, Shamanic Healing, Expressive and Creative Therapy, Play Therapy, Attachment-Based Therapies, Theraplay, Dance Therapy, Synergistic Healing (body work attending to the elements and chakras), trauma work including developmental trauma, emotional regulation and attunement practice.

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What do TingleSmith offer?

One to One therapy with Adults, Young People and Children

Krissy and Sue are qualified and experienced psychotherapists and Internal Family Systems (IFS) practitioners who each offer therapy on a one to one basis in their own private practices.

Between them they have worked with adults, young people and children within; mainstream primary and secondary schools, a specialist school for young people on the autistic spectrum and who have severe, complex and challenging behaviours, Youth Justice System, Social Care, supported housing and homelessness projects, drug and alcohol rehabilitation, womens’ services, domestic violence refuges and the NHS as well as private practice.

Their experience encompasses the following;  Abuse, Addictions,  Anger issues, Anxiety,  Behaviour Issues, Bereavement, Depression, Eating Disorders, Health related issues, Internal Conflict, Loss, OCD, Parenting Issues, Personal Development, Relationships, Self Confidence, Self Esteem, Self-harm, Sexuality, Sexual identity, Shame, Shyness issues, Spirituality, Stress, Suicidal thoughts, Trauma, Work related issues.

For more information on this please click on the ‘About’ section on the website.

Workshops and Training

This includes bespoke training for specific groups and organisations in the public and private sector.

They also offer on-going workshops and training for individuals which focus on various aspects of well-being and development. Details of these can be found on the ‘Courses’ link.